Enefit Idea Hub – The Pitch invites you to an inspirational day

Data publikacji: 2018-10-30 11:01:52


Dear student and partner,


In the energy sector, over the past two decades the biggest technological developments have taken place and that has made energy generation more clean and efficient than ever before.

Will the development stop here or do we have more ideas to change the future of the energy sector?

For example, what changes will the increasing use of renewable energy and electric vehicles bring along to the companies in energy sector? Clients will still buy electricity but what other services will they be needing? How to turn electric cars into mobile energy storing devices that deliver electricity to places where it’s lost or lacking? Or how to accelerate the deployment of V2G and, through this, increase the use of renewable energy and reduce electricity transmission costs? How to ensure the reliability of power grids in case of high consumption or unexpected damage?

The idea contest Enefit Idea Hub –The Pitch initiated by Eesti Energia awaits ideas and solutions that would answer these and many other questions. The prize pool for the contest is 30 000 euros.

Come to the short informational meeting with the company about the details of the competition on the 6th of November, at 11 am in the building D-21, room 103 

Check out the terms and conditions of the competition here: ideahub.enefit.com.

The deadline for submitting ideas that will change the energy world is 18th of November, 2018.

Make the shift!


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