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How we hire

Antmicro is an R&D focused engineering company, seeking world-class talents ready to tackle challenging projects that will shape the future of technology. Here’s a quick guide to help you prepare for your application.


Preparing your application

First you need to prepare your CV. Be succinct, but include everything you think is relevant to your current application.

Mention your academic background and your graduation theses. Tell us about relevant previous positions. Don’t forget to include your favorite open source projects, contributions and any other interesting technologies you used or are simply passionate about. If you have a GitHub account (or similar), include a link. Describe your experience with working in Linux. If you want to give us more background, a cover letter will always be welcome.

If we find your application suitable to our needs, we will give you a call. Next, expect a …


Screening interview

Short, 30 min. introductory video conference call via Google Meet. You will be interviewed by one technical person, interested in your knowledge of computer science principles & your basic understanding of job-related topics.


Face-to-face interview(s)

If the first stage was successful, you will be invited to a direct interview in one of Antmicro’s offices. Reserve up to 3 hours in your schedule.

You will start by filling out a simple self-assessment form describing your technical knowledge and experience. Based on the form, you will then be interviewed by a few members of the team (technical and management). Interview topics may cover anything on your CV, extra materials you have provided, the filled out form, your education, experience and skills.

If you are applying for a technical post, be ready to write a few lines of code & present your use of the Linux command line (we’re not only evaluating your technical abilities, but also how you approach problems and try to solve them).

A separate, 15 min. interview in English to assess your language skills and general attitude towards working in an international environment will take place at the end of the meeting.

Applicants for other roles can expect a dedicated practical test and a follow-up discussion that will be assessing their strengths in general cognitive ability, social skills and role-related knowledge, all held in English.

If necessary, you may be asked to participate in further interviews to help us assess your candidacy in more detail.



The recruitment team (which will include technical and management staff members at different levels of seniority), will review all your application documents and feedback from your interviewers: general feedback, form scores, your CV, references, and work samples. If the team chooses to recommend your candidacy for hire, your application documents are forwarded to executive review for final approval.



If your application is successful, you will be presented with a contract. Once signed, we will start your onboarding process. We offer full-time employment contracts only (no B2B or any other form). You will join us on an initial probationary period of three months. During this period your work performance, teamwork, language skills and general corporate suitability will be assessed. If both sides are happy, your employment contract will then be prolonged indefinitely.

For Polish speakers, our interviews are conducted in Polish and English; for non-Polish speakers the process is entirely in English.

On average, the recruitment process will take about a month upon receipt of a correct and full application.

Before the interview

Study our website to find out more about the company, our core services and the technologies we work with and help creating. And most importantly, check out our projects on GitHub! Also, the corporate introduction on our Careers site will be helpful.


During the interview

  • Feel free to ask questions to your interviewers.
  • When asked to provide a solution, first define and frame the problem as you see it.
  • Describe how you want to tackle solving each part of the question, your interviewer will be equally interested in your line of thought and your ultimate solution.
  • If you don't understand a question or task - ask for help or clarification.
  • Don’t be shy - share your thoughts and achievements, expose your engineering attitude!
  • Respect your time limits - the engineers interviewing you will only have a limited time slot to conduct the meeting and assess your results.
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