Workshop „Introduction into Wireless Indoor Coverage Systems“

Date added: 2017-10-04 14:04:00


We invite you to join our Workshop:

„Introduction into Wireless Indoor Coverage Systems“

We will give an introduction into planning, construction and commissioning of Wireless Indoor Coverage Systems for public and non public networks. During the workshop we will discuss about the needs and challenges for Indoor Coverage Systems and learn how to plan, built and measure these systems accordingly.

At the end every participant of Workshops will receive a certificate.


MUGLER AG: partner for telecommunication solutions.

The MUGLER AG is a German company, that has become a leading service provider in the telecommunications industry since its foundation in 1990.

With a Full-Service-Know-How we are realizing Europe-wide projects for many telecommunication networks (both mobile network and fixed network). The scope of service covers the entire lifecycle - from planning, errecting and commissioning to the complete service / operation.


When?          19.10.2017

What time?   09:00 – 15:00

Where?         Room C, SKS- Building (Strefa Kultury Studenckiej)


We provide a warm meal at lunchtime!



Register here!

warsztaty firmy mugler


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