Because the Job Fair itself is not enough - Campus Recruitment is not just for IT professionals!

Date added: 2018-02-14 08:26:29

In response to the combined expectations of students and employers, Campus Recruitment - Job and Internship Fair of the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology was created. You probably think now – it’s nothing new...or maybe? How are they different from others?

The organizer is the Careers Office - a team that cares for the career development of young engineers throughout the year. If after college you want to drink coffee instead of brewing, take advantage of the chance that this event gives you - you will not find exhibitors there who do not have current job offers, internships and practices.

Additional attractions will be provided by the Student Zone, where you will be able to do business makeup and photos for your resume. You will also be able to consult your application documents and, if necessary, correct them and print on the spot for free. All this so that everyone looking for a job, after leaving the Student Zone, could rush to a recruitment interview in a special place with a dreamed employer.

A good preparation for this event is the Training Week before the fair (if you want to learn more, visit the Careers Office website at

Best at the end (although it should probably be at the beginning) - depending on what you study, check before the event, which day is dedicated to your industry.

March 13th  will be a job fair only for the IT industry. On the second day (March 14th ) you will meet forty different exhibitors, among which there will not be a single company from the IT area! Instead, there will be representatives of enterprises (engineering only) from the automotive, chemical, construction, etc. industries - in a word (or two) full service.

If you still do not believe - come and see for yourself. I know what I'm saying, I'm an engineer.

We see each other on March 13th  and 14th 2018 in C-13 building . Start at 9am.













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