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Software Engineering 

Become a software engineer at Goldman Sachs and bring your skills to help us build the next generation of finance systems that change how our clients and internal teams conduct business.

Combine the best open source software, databases, cloud solutions, and programming languages, to solve problems and provide accurate, complex, scalable applications that help our business and clients gain new insights. As a software engineer, you are the change agents that transform Goldman Sachs by applying your technical know-how.

Be a part of our embedded engineering teams, that work as a unit with our business partners. Collaborate with trading, sales, asset management, banking, finance and others, to build and automate solutions to keep our firm’s position on the cutting edge. Or, join our core engineering teams, and elevate all of our businesses by providing reliable, scalable platforms for data engineering, machine learning, networking, developer tooling, collaboration and more.

Innovate with UI/UX designers, full-stack engineers, data scientists, cloud engineers, and more in a collaborative, agile environment where your enthusiasm to take on new problems and learn will have an immediate impact.


Cyber Security 

The 21st century has been defined by the stark rise in digital threats. At Goldman Sachs, our cyber security analysts are on the front lines of this modern battle. In this role you will protect our clients and the integrity of our firm in both an advisory and engineering capacity. Our cyber security experts are software architects who develop and implement solutions to monitor and manage cyber security risks; security advisors who understand technology at a deep level and help educate the firm’s thousands of engineers on how to implement solutions with security by design; threat analysts who analyze, detect, and respond to cyber security threats; and pen testers who identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers. Calling all code-breakers and puzzle solvers: together, we secure the future of the firm and our clients.


Quantitative Strategists 

Our quantitative strategists are at the cutting edge of our business, solving real-world problems through a variety of analytical methods. Working in close collaboration with bankers, traders and portfolio managers across the firm, their invaluable quantitative perspectives on complex financial and technical challenges power our business decisions.

As a member of our team, you will use your advanced training in mathematics, programming and logical thinking to construct quantitative models that drive our success in global financial markets. Your talents for research, analysis and aptitude for innovation will define your contributions and enable you to find solutions to a broad range of problems, in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

Whatever your background, you will bring a fresh perspective and unique skillset to our business. In return, you will be trained by our experts across the firm to navigate the complexities of the financial markets and state-of-the-art methods in quantitative finance.

An ordinary day is anything but. You may work on alpha generating strategies; discuss portfolio allocation problems; and build models for prediction, pricing, trading automation, data analysis and more. Whichever your area of contribution, your ideas will have measurable effect on our business and for our clients.


Systems Engineering  

Systems engineers work in the wide core of systems necessary to support and maintain business operations throughout the firm. As a systems engineer, you have the immediate opportunity to design, develop, implement and own a variety of systems which ensure uninterrupted operation of all our lines of business.

In this role you will explore public and private cloud, networks, storage, compute, big data, application messaging and more. Our engineers work on a variety of challenging problems from building our data infrastructure, to implementing public and private cloud-based solutions, to providing seamless, on-demand scaling of our applications.

Join our systems engineers and write enterprise level code in a variety of programming languages with high-scalability, testing and robustness.



Candidates would be required to work on a wide range of problems, including the designing and developing sophisticated software and systems using proprietary as well as modern web, mobile, and, desktop technologies to:

  • Manage, visualize, and analyze massive sets of market and operational data used in our trading risk management, and control functions
  • Correctly and efficiently route orders for billions of dollars of securities every day
  • Allow the ability to represent, transact in and risk manage all of the firm’s OTC derivative positions
  • Distribute computations across tens of thousands of computers
  • Make use of functional programming paradigm and big data solutions to develop the firm’s next generation modelling, pricing, and risk management platform
  • Contribute to key open source initiatives – e.g. GSCollections, Project Panama
  • Build firm’s strategic mobile platform



Goldman Sachs recruits students and graduates who have a record of outstanding achievement in academic and

extracurricular activities. A background in finance is not necessary. What we do require are integrity, professional

excellence and teamwork.

In addition, we look for people who:

  • Display a passion for technology
  • Have computer science, math, statistics, and/or engineering backgrounds
  • Have strong analytical and organizational skills
  • Display excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Are highly motivated and adaptable
  • Are accurate and detail-oriented
  • Display creativity and entrepreneurial spirit


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