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We are a unit of the Wrocław University of Technology - one of the largest and according to the part of the national rankings, of the best technical universities in the country.

For many years we support our clients in recruiting qualified staff and building the company's image as an employer in the university community.



TOMASZ BORKOWSKI - counselor, trainer, therapist educator

Deals with individual and group counseling in the field of preparation for entering the employment market by helping in defining his own path of professional development, creating professional application documents, or preparing for recruitment meetings with employers.

telephone: +48 71 320 40 82



KAROLINA ZDUNEK - counselor, Individual and group consulting

Diagnosis of predispositions and professional competences, consultations of application documents, support in preparation for job interviews, activation in the job search process, consultations regarding entrepreneurship and starting your own business.

telephone: +48 71 320 40 82



MARCIN DRZAZGA - counselor, trainer. Individual and group consulting

Comprehensive support in creating your own brand on the labor market (including professional portfolios, simulation of job interviews, active job search methods, psychometric tests), trainings related to the recruitment and selection process of employees as well as workshops related to the development of soft skills.

telephone: +48 71 320 46 05



MAGDALENA WOZIŃSKA - adviser, trainer. Individual and group consulting

Support in searching for work and internships, consultations of application documents and preparation for interviews in Polish and English, diagnosis of potential by means of preference tests. Workshops on moving around the labor market and soft skills.

telephone: +48 71 320 4607 



Katarzyna Sławińska-Oleszek - career adviser, coach

Individual consultations for students and graduates in the field of professional development, creating effective CV's, preparation for interviews.

Head of Career Services

telephone: +48 71 320 34 23



Karolina Urbańska - career counselor, trainer

Individual and group consulting, including: 

- consultations of application documents, simulations of interviews, tests of professional preferences.

- training in soft competences, the ability to navigate the labor market, as well as mnemonics and speed reading.


telephone: +48 71 320 46 07


Piotr Stypka - administration, co-operation with employers

telephone: +48 71 320 46 08 



Anna Bajor-Traczyńska - administration, co-operation with employers

telephone: +48 71 320 45 17




If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions and clarify all your doubts.






Career Services
Wrocław University of Technology
Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 40

50-370 Wrocław

building H-14, room number 1.01-1.05

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Career Services
Wrocław University of Technology 27
50-370 Wrocław

TIN 896-000-58-51

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