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Located in one of the most progressive regions of Poland, the Gdansk Development Center offers exceptional opportunities to grow your technical and non-technical skills by working on exciting and challenging projects.

Teams of developers and researchers work on revolutionizing the way users interact with Amazon products and services. We focus on distributed systems and technologies such as Text-to-Speech and Natural Language Understanding to make a real difference to customers by inventing, enhancing, and building world-class software. Our work is large-scale and complex, and it demands invention. We offer great opportunities to work big data, machine learning, and high-scale, low-latency distributed systems. We use a wide variety of programming languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript; Open Source technologies such as Linux, Ruby on Rails, and AngularJS; and Amazon’s world-leading AWS platform.

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  • Branża IT-Rozwój oprogramowania
  • Adres Amazon Development Center Poland Z o.o. Aleja Grunwaldzka 472, Olivia Point Building 80-309 Gdańsk Poland
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