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Exyte Central Europe (formely – until Nov. 2018 operating under the name of M+W Central Europe) is a part of M+W Group, one of the largest engineering companies operating in Europe with headquarters in Stuttgart.

Exyte Central Europe provides comprehensive services for the investment processes for consulting, design, project and construction management, commissioning and qualification / validation mainly for the advanced technological solutions and industrial facilities including microelectronics, data center, biotech and pharma industries.

We focus on the long-term cooperation with customers and we build our business relationship based on: trust, proven quality and timeliness of works.

We are ready to introduce and involve our staff and business partners to assure you we can provide the best cost / time / quality relation for our Client using the solid and reliable sources available in our region.

Our brand is solid, reliable and well recognized not only worldwide but – what’s most important – also on the local market. We successfully operate in Poland since more than 15 years (under the name of LSMW Total Life Science Solutions, M+W Process Industries, M+W Central Europe and now – as Exyte).

Exyte Central Europe services include a full range engineering support.

Starting from consulting work, through all phases of design work, to work related to the preparation of the investment, construction, equipment, certification and validation as well as start-ups after the final transfer of ready-to-use stage.

Our range of services includes:

  • Project management and execution management
  • General Contractor scope of contract exectution
  • Mechanical Contractor scope of contract execution
  • Electrical Contractor scope of contract execution
  • Process Contractor scope of contract execution
  • Mechanical / Electrical / Process / Civil / Structural / Architectural / Process design preparation
  • feasibility study
  • the concept of facilities
  • economic analysis and efficiency analysis
  • conceptual design for all industries
  • design processes
  • simulation and optimization processes
  • enlarging the scale of production
  • designing of air conditioning system – ventilation and clean-rooms
  • construction projects
  • projects implementation
  • projects supervision
  • implementation of the system: a general contractor, turnkey, and single installations
  • safety construction
  • start-ups
  • quality management
  • verification of compliance with GMP requirements
  • developing the Validation Master Plan (VMP)
  • perform a risk analysis (RA)
  • establish and implement:
    • documentation of qualification (DQ)
    • installation qualification (IQ)
    • qualification / validation process (PQ / PV)
    • validate the cleaning process,
    • final reports creation
  • calibration and validation services,
  • development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • technical support for active objects

Exyte Central Europe has done or is currently involved in over 1000 projects for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, cosmetics, microelectronics and food industries.

Please visit our website www.exyte.net, where you will find extensive information about our activities.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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