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O firmie

We are a team of over 40 experienced specialists: developers, architects and designers who specialize in design, development and maintenance of Internet products. Our engineers boast an accumulated 150+ years of experience. We build our software with top quality open source technologies in Scrum. We create and sell our own software products.

What we do 🙂

Web portals & mobile apps

Over nine years of experience in building complex solutions using web protocols. From admin and management panels to user-facing web portals and advanced content management systems.

New & Smart Technology

We specialize in integrating new technology – wearable tech, biometrics, 360 cameras and virtual reality, with existing client infrastructures. Our experience allows us to create solutions that solve client’s problems and improve business workflows.

Proprietary VR technology

We have created a propriety VR technology and built a product called EVRYPLACE. Now successfully used by Real Estate and Industry clients for presenting spaces and places, but also in other fields like training and 360 documentation.

Why would you want to work with us?

First of all, we’re a company built from the scratch. We have started as a compact team of a few friends 10 years ago.

Today, although we’re 40 people and growing, we still keep the friendly, relaxed and cosy feel of a bunch of friends, who come to work for pleasure. Second, although we’re still (forever) a start-up, we’ve come a long way and there is plenty of things you can learn from us. You can help us grow and experience our best moments that are still to come.

We make pretty interesting and demanding projects, and we’re always taking the thrill to try and learn the latest ways and technologies to make them right.

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