Antmicro – Wroclaw Open Source Meetup

Start: 18.00 w czwartek, 22 października


Developing and testing TensorFlow Lite edge AI algorithms without need for hardware using Renode

Abstrakt prezentacji:
“The future of Machine Learning is Tiny”. Google’s Pete Warden predicted that billions of small, battery operated devices would soon be able to run neural networks and perform complex ML tasks locally, ensuring privacy, security, and instant response. Indeed, TensorFlow, Google’s machine learning framework is now available on fairly resource-constrained devices like Arm Cortex-M microcontrollers or small RISC-V CPUs. However, the issues connected with developing ML algorithms on physical hardware still remain: how do you repeatedly and reliably test various demos, models, and scenarios on a variety of hardware without manually re-plugging, re-flashing, and waving around tiny boards? As a result of our collaboration with Google, Arm, and other partners, Antmicro’s open source simulation framework, Renode, can be used to deal with those challenges. Renode provides the building blocks to build complex virtual systems and enables you to run and measure the performance of real-world machine learning pipelines in simulation, in both interactive and Continuous Integration scenarios. See the talk to learn how to try Renode and TensorFlow Lite yourself without any hardware or installation with Google’s Colab – interactive notebooks in the cloud.

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