Assistant professor (post-doc) 107 wyświetleń

The candidate should hold a doctoral degree in the field of engineering and technology (automation, electronics and electrical engineering; technical information technology and telecommunications) or in the field of science (physics).


  • Obtaining a doctoral degree no earlier than 7 years before the year of employment (taking into account the breaks specified in the definition of a post-doc type position contained in the Regulations on awarding funds for the implementation of tasks financed by the National Science Centre in the field of research projects, internships after obtaining a doctoral degree and doctoral scholarships, hereinafter referred to as the regulations).
  • Experience in designing or developing computational algorithms for plasma physics (preferred) or HEP based on data from measurement detectors
  • The ability to implement algorithm optimization techniques using the specifics and advantages of a specific hardware architecture (eg CPU, GPU).
  • Experience in working with libraries used to accelerate computations (e.g. openCL).
  • Experience in programming in C, C ++, Python, Matlab.
  • Experience in laboratory work.
  • Additional skills: Experience in the implementation of low-level drivers or software for data acquisition and distribution from efficient network interfaces in PC-type servers (eg Ethernet).
  • Additional skills: Practical knowledge of the Assembler language or experience related to the implementation of algorithms using the Assembler language
  • Additional skills: Knowledge of the principle of particle detectors and measurement methods used in physical experiments.
  • Additional skills: Practical ability to write software for Xilinx FPGAs

Scope of a candidate’s work:

Participation in the research project “Imaging based on gas electron multipliers under intense radiation from tokamak plasma” financed by the National Science Centre under the OPUS program. The project is aimed at the development and testing of gas detectors with the appropriate electronic system for data acquisition and processing.

Work in this position will deal with the analysis of data obtained from the gas detectors under development (GEM type, Gas Electron Multiplier) recorded by a multi-channel measurement system. The data will be sent via high-speed data transmission links to the server unit where it will then be processed by measurement algorithms.

The Candidate’s participation in designing efficient data processing on the server unit is also planned. At the same time, the Candidate will participate in the work related to the effective distribution of data on measurement platforms, using network interfaces and disks for data recording.

The period of participation in the project – 42 months

IPPLM offers:

  • employment under a full-time employment contract (estimated project completion date: 42 months from 1 January 2022,
  • work in a team that brings together both experienced and young scientists (including PhD students),
  • improving qualifications and the possibility of rapid scientific development,
  • participation in scientific cooperation carried out in important research centers in the country and abroad.

A candidate for the position of an assistant professor should meet the following criteria:

  • Enjoy full public rights,
  • Hold PhD degree,
  • Have an aptitude and passion for research work,
  • Have sufficient command of English allowing to use professional literature, write scientific papers and communicate in professional community.

The candidate’s qualifications are assessed by the Competition Commission on the basis of the documents and materials provided and the opinion of the head of the department (laboratory) in which the candidate is to be employed. Additionally, the Head of Department and / or the Competition Committee may invite a candidate for an interview.

Specimen declarations and obligations can be downloaded from the website:

The Competition Commission may request the candidate to submit additional materials regarding his / her qualifications and scientific achievements, such as:

  • opinion / opinions of employees with an academic title or a post-doctoral degree,
  • a copy of a doctoral dissertation and habilitation dissertation (depending on the position for which you are applying), opinion of the promoter or direct tutor and head of doctoral studies (applies to the position of assistant professor),
  • reviews of the doctoral dissertation,
  • certified results obtained during doctoral studies,
  • documentation confirming participation in scientific cooperation with significant centers,
  • other materials.

The candidate may submit to the Competition Committee other additional materials confirming his / her qualifications, scientific achievements and information about his / her interests not related to the research specified in the competition announcement.

Documents should be submitted within the deadline of 10th of January 2022 (3 p.m.) to the IPPLM’s secretariat (23 Hery Str., 01-497, Warsaw) with a note “KONKURS NCN-OPUS21″ or via e-mail with a note: “KONKURS NCN-OPUS21” in the subject line.

When sending documents, please do not forget to enter the clause that the Sylwester Kaliski Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion may process your data for the purposes of recruitment.

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