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5G made together

Currently, we are hiring for a position in the field of data science to implement machine learning (ML) algorithms for telecommunication networks. Such candidate will be working in collaboration with the R&D team of IS-Wireless in the research projects. 

We invite people skilled in data science, ML, big-data analytics, telecommunications and ML tools  to collaborate with us

By joining our Team you will get a chance to participate in exciting design and research challenges and directly impact the shape of our solution. Future mobile networks will be software defined and virtualized to allow functionality to be decoupled from hardware. Moreover, the virtualized network functions (VNFs) will be also deployed in the cloud and/or edge computing platforms. We are the first and the only Polish vendor of software-defined 5G RAN developing software-defined 4G and 5G mobile networks supporting more users with better performance at lower cost by applying cutting edge proprietary technologies. IS-Wireless participates in the Open RAN revolution and expects significant changes in the way networks are built and deployed in the coming years. The company is strongly rooted in R&D on 4G and 5G since its foundation in 2006, mainly through EU-funded collaborative research projects. 


Join us today to participate in the networking revolution!



  • Machine learning tools and techniques
  • Hands on experience on supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement learning, and deep learning
  • Big data visualization
  • Big-data analysis
  • Distributed/transfer learning 


Technical skills foreseen

  • Knowledge on simulation software, e.g., Python, MATLAB, R
  • Data visualization/ML libraries, e.g., NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, TensorFlow, Matplotlib, SciKit-Learn, PyTorch, etc


Moreover we expect from the candidate: 

  • Past experience in data science projects
  • Analytical and problem solving capabilities
  • Good command of English (in speaking and writing)
  • Experiences in writing papers will be a plus

We offer:

SPECIAL OFFER: additionally we offer a combined opportunity of doing the master/phd jointly with the position tasks/duties. We offer opportunities to cooperate with well known universities across EU (KUL, UC3M, Oulu, etc)

  • Competitive salary
  • A great opportunity to develop your skills in building networks in Open RAN model
  • Access to top-class telecommunication knowledge base and trainings
  • Contact with the latest technology and tools
  • Interesting and challenging work with an international environment of talented engineers
  • Self-development
  • Flexible working hours
  • Integration events
  • We listen to what people have to say and give them opportunities to grow


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