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Hi! We are Monterail. A team of developers and designers building beautiful and meaningful software every day. We work with clients around the globe. We help businesses of all sizes in all continents with high profiled Ruby on Rails, Python, and JavaScript development skills as well as strong product and UX design expertise.

Monterail Vue Bootcamp is an intensive 2-month course dedicated to teaching you the necessary skills and knowledge about software development. Apart from programming skills, our course includes classes about client communication, best development practices, project estimations, and many other topics designed to make you ready to work with us on real commercial projects.

Successful completion of the Monterail Vue Bootcamp gives you a great opportunity to become part of our Monterail team!

Get a sneak-peek into how development is done and learn how to create elegant and efficient web applications.

Keep Calm and Vue on!


Ideally you:

  • created at least one website that is (or was) live
  • know the basics of HTML/CSS and any programming language
  • are eager to learn from others
  • have finished one or two web development courses
  • have an open-minded approach to teamwork
  • appreciate and have great communicational skills
  • speak and write well in English (minimum B2 level)

Big +

  • tried any JS framework

What will you do?

  • At first, you’ll take part in our 4 step recruitment process
  • Once you’re in, you’ll take part in our compensated Vue Bootcamp (That’s right, the costs are on us)
  • After that, all we can say is – welcome onboard Monterail as a full-time Monterailian

About the vuecamp:

  • An amazing opportunity for anyone interested in growing into the direction of web development
  • Our bootcamp offers something more than an online course. With real-life examples and classes focused on your daily life as a developer, you’ll be sure to gain a lot of knowledge.
  • The bootcamp will happen remotely so if you’re looking for an opportunity even when you’re outside Wrocław, this is it!
  • The bootcamp is 100% compensated by us
  • The bootcamp will be starting at the end of February
  • A great chance to work and learn from an official Vue.js partner

Vue for yourself!

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