Online Speed Recruitment with Yoon Group

The interviews last about 15 minutes and anyone who wants to apply for the positions listed during this process can join them. The recruiter will be waiting for you from 12 PM to 3 PM – just join the meeting which will take place on the MSTeams platform (via the link provided below in the FB event).

Before the meeting, please choose a job offer that interest you.

Available job offers:
• Site engineer 
• Architect Assistant 
• Project Manager Assistant 
• Interior Designer Assistant

Then you can start a conversation with the HR Specialist. Individual stages of the conversation:
• for the first 5 minutes, we ask questions,
• for the next 5 minutes – questions are asked by the candidate,
• the last 5 minutes is a casual conversation.

The e-mail will be sent to people who fulfill the requirements asking for a CV and proposing another meeting. Comfortable clothes and a good mood are required! Good luck!