About us

About us

We support students and alumni of Wrocław University of Science and Technology to enter the job market: we train, advise and cooperate with employers. We organize events and meetups that give both communities the opportunities to connect and share knowledge.

Our mission

Students and alumni are aware of their potential and have opportunity to build fulfilling careers. Wrocław University of Science and Technology is seen as a university which prepares well educated graduates and valuable employees, whose scientific knowledge and professional approach have a positive impact on their surrounding environments. 


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The team

Head of the Career Office

Katarzyna Sławińska-Oleszek – career advisor, trainer, coach

Team of advisors:

Karolina Zdunek – career counselor

Karolina Urbańska – career advisor, trainer

Angelika Rzeźwicka – career advisor, trainer

Ewelina Misiewicz – career advisor, coach

Paulina Anklewicz – career advisor, marketing

Employer relations specialists

Anna Bajor-Traczyńska

Piotr Stypka