Career Services Recommendation Program

The Career Services Recommendation Program is an opportunity to achieve double or even triple benefits by participating in a single one-on-one consultation.

Recommend a fellow student/student our Career Services and win a PWr hoodie!

Here’s a possible scenario:

  • You benefit from the support of a career advisor at an individual consultation taking care of your professional career development.
  • You decide to recommend the Wroclaw Tech Career Services to another student/student, and by doing so, you support that person in taking care of his/her career.
  • After the student/student provides your index number when signing up for the consultation, you enter the drawing to win a Wroclaw Tech hoodie!

So, what do you need to do? Just two steps:

  1. After you consult with a career advisor, recommend the Career Services to a fellow Wroclaw Tech student/student.
  2. Ask your fellow to provide your index number when signing up for an individual consultation.

That’s it! 🙂

When your friend/fellow benefits from a consultation with a BK advisor, your index will fall into a pool from which a winner will be drawn.

Wroclaw Tech hoodie can be yours!

The prize drawing is held once a semester – on the last day of the semester of the academic year.

You can find the exact regulations of the Career Services Referral Program here: