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About Us


Antmicro is an embedded technology company which combines the latest software and hardware technologies to create advanced products for various branches of industry.

Basing on internal R&D and its own development frameworks, Antmicro provides know-how and guidance to customers looking to innovate by applying new technological developments to solve practical problems across many verticals. Antmicro’s projects often involve AI, computer vision, FPGA SoCs, heterogeneous, multi-core and/or multi-node systems. We have a name for introducing high-tech and open source to new, unexpected areas.

We’re members of leading open source initiatives.

Antmicro Open Source

We work with the largest stakeholders in the new tech and silicon industry, including Google, Intel, Nvidia, Western Digital and Xilinx, through whom we get to work as early adopters and developers for software and platforms like TensorFlow Lite, Singularity, Movidius Myriad X or Nvidia Jetson Xavier.

Antmicro engineers and specialists are keen to understand and influence how computing devices work, excited about open source and eager to learn new technologies. If you feel you share those qualities with us, and are looking for a serious commitment to work with leading edge devices and software, you might be the perfect candidate for us.

Antmicro Join out team

You can help us build the future of technology and work on:

  • Robotics, drones, computer vision, smart industry,
  • Edge AI and IoT systems,
  • FPGA SoC and GPGPUs,
  • Open source RISC-V CPUs,
  • Open source tools for IoT development,
  • Cloud computing.


We’re currently recruiting to our office in Wroclaw. We offer:

  • Full-time positions
  • Paid internship programs for full-time students (mostly of senior years)

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