Fruitful collaboration between Wroclaw University of Science and Technology and Credit Suisse Poland in the area of mathematics and computer science resulted in the fourth edition of the Quant Scholarship Program.

The Program is targeting technical students from the field of mathematics, computer science, physics and engineering, interested in applying of their unique technical skillset at Quant Group within Credit Suisse

The main goal of the Program is to demonstrate how advanced mathematics and modern technologies are shaping the financial world, and how academic knowledge gained at WUST can be applied within the financial industry to solve real life problems.


What does Quant Scholarship Program offer:
✅ 10 Completion Awards (5000pln) for students who qualify and comply with requirements
✅ 9 open lectures on functional programming and derivative products modelling
Supervised meetings with experienced Quants from CS Wroclaw
✅ Presentation of quant career path and employment opportunities for participants.


Candidate description:
1. Preferred field of studies: mathematics, physics, computer science, engineering
2. Ideal candidate (preferred but not strictly required):
▪️ Understanding of more advanced mathematical problems: statistics, probability, differential equations, stochastics
▪️ Ability to write code (functional programming considered advantageous)
3. Preferred academic experience – : PhD students, MSc students, senior Bachelor students (2nd-3rd year)Send a recruitment form with CV by 31 October 2021.

Form: https://biurokarier.pwr.edu.pl/pl/eforms/quant-scholarship-program-application-form-2021/55/?fbclid=IwAR0aFCB4RZDeEoBkQCZHh0F3PRJh_3DWPn_TAJBxOwuD8xc4THvJXi-AFcE———