Corporate Readiness Certificate 2020 is coming

Z radością informujemy, że ruszyły zapisy do unikatowego programu edukacyjnego realizowanego we współpracy z firmą IBM.




CRC is an offer for active and open to the acquisition of additional knowledge and new skills of students, which gives unique opportunities for professional development.

Our Program is a unique opportunity to gain additional specialist knowledge of IT and work management systems in large companies, to get to know new areas of business and, as a result, to increase your chances on the job market!

What do you get by signing up for CRC?

  • participation in a modern educational program, whose classes are conducted by IT specialists with many years of practical experience
  • additional knowledge in the area you are interested in and faster development of competences
  • understanding of the work environment and professional development opportunities in large corporations
  • the ability to function in a complex, modern business environment
  • the opportunity to gain new contacts and acquaintance

Join the Program in 3 easy steps!

  1. check the offer of the Program: course and university where the classes are held
  2. take the entrance exams – you can sign up for two courses, but make sure that you are on time!
  3. if you qualify for a course – you will receive an invitation to take part in the classes at your e-mail address

What else do you need to know?

  • Students who obtain the highest number of points on the entrance exams will be invited to participate in the Programme.
  • Information about the results of entrance exams will be sent to the participants by e-mail, to the e-mail address given during the exam.
  • If you qualify for two courses, you can take part in both. However, remember to check the places and dates of classes so that you can actually attend them. Do not block seats for other candidates if you are not sure you have time to attend two courses!
  • Classes are held at universities and IBM headquarters – look for this information in the course descriptions.
  • Classes are held once a week in the afternoon and are conducted in English.
  • The course ends with a final exam or a project in groups, 80% of classes are also required.
  • Students who have successfully completed the Programme with the final exams will receive a course completion diploma under the CRC Programme
  • Participation in the course is free
  • Graduates of the CRC course can be invited for internships and placements at IBM


Additional advantages:

  • preferred technical, IT or IT/economic profile
    strong motivation and willingness to develop and acquire new knowledge in the IT area
  • knowledge of the English language at communicative level
    analytical thinking
  • ability to work in a group and cooperate with others, high interpersonal skills, including communication with others

Courses and registration:

Remember that you can take any course, but no more than two.

Wrocław Uniwersity of Science and Technology

Architecture in IT  booklet registration form

Cloud Development and Operations booklet  registration form
Deployment, automation and infrastructure management for Cloud based applications

Data Protection in IT  booklet registration form
Requirements for modern enterprises

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business

Project Management with Agile methodology  booklet   registration form
Essentials to start your professional career as an IT Project ManagerArchitecture in IT

Leadership & Business Communication booklet registration form


University of Wrocław

Design Thinking  booklet   registration form

From problem to solution by team work, action and modern analytic tools – journey with IBM Design Thinking experts

Client Management in IT Environment booklet     registration form

WSB University

Service Management with Agile the IBMWay  booklet   registration form
How do deliver complex IT services and build successful career in IT

Leadership & Business Communication  booklet registration form

The Philological School of Higher Education

Design Thinking booklet   registration form
From problem to solution by team work, action and modern analytic tools – journey with IBM Design Thinking experts

Client Management in IT Environment  booklet    registration form