Geotechnical Leaders‘ Scholarship

As part of our commitment to innovation and excellence, Keller offers the Pitcairn Geotechnical Leaders’ Scholarship.

Awards: Three scholarships – 4000€ each – will be awarded per annum. Awards may be used for funding tuition, fees, books, and/or educational living expenses.

Application process

Applicants have to provide following documents:

-Completed application form.

-Motivational letter no more than 500 words, highlighting why the applicant chose to pursue a geotechnical/civil engineering career,

-extra-curricular activities, leadership capabilities, long-term plans and goals, and any special financial need.

-One page summary of (intended) master’s thesis topic.

-Curriculum vitae (CV).

-An offcial school transcript.

-A certificate of matriculation.

-At least one letter of recommendation, preferably completed by a faculty member at the applicant’s school. Further letters of recommendation by relevant parties will be considered favorable.

Eligibility criterias

Applicants must fulfil following requirements:

-Must be currently enrolled full time (as defined by the applicant’s school) and pursuing a master’s degree in Civil Engineering or Engineering Geology and Geotechnics, or other related geotechnical engineering program.

-Graduation is expected in upcoming 12 months.

-Master’s thesis topic relevant for Keller.

Send complete application (PDF files) via LINK below

Deadline November 19, 2021.